No. Not in Hawaii. Picked up three books yesterday at Book Now, a secondhand bookstore in Bendigo.

  • Australian Mineral Industry, I. R. McLeod, 1965
  • Handbook of South Australian Geology, L. W. Parkin (Ed.), 1969
  • The Copper-Mining Industry and the Distribution of Copper Ores in New South Wales, J. E. Carne, 1908 (later facsimile edition)

When I took them to the counter, Gary the Proprietor picked up the first one and said “That’s a bit technical”. He picked up the second one and said “That’s a bit technical too”. Same for the third. All useful reference books for me.

If he had looked up, he would have seen my Tucson Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show T-Shirt… šŸ¤£

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