I was up early this morning for an early Zoom call. The Russell Society session started at 5am my time.

I was up just after 4am, wide awake.

So what was the bonus?

Well, we have been having some issues with our hot water system running way too hot. Scaldingly hot. The water pressure valve has been replaced. Twice. But the problem still existed.

At 4am, it was eerily quiet in our house. Not even the fridge making a noise. But I could hear a hissing noise. Aha! I recognise that sound. Water!

As it turned out, we had a serious water leak. A hole in the hot water pipe running under the house. Now fortunately fixed. The culprit was an old nail that the copper pipe was sitting up against. When the pipes vibrated, the nail slowly cut into the copper.

A nail is about 6.5 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale and copper is about 3.5.