We had new carpet laid about two months ago. And for the most part were happy with it. However there was one area, a join, that we were not happy with. So we went on a journey…

  • Contacted retailer who sent the carpet layer back to look at it. He had 33 years experience, but couldn’t determine what was wrong. Suggested gluing the two parts together, or waiting six months to see if it (magically) fixed itself. Also suggested that maybe there was a problem with the carpet.
  • Contacted retailer and suggested he come and look as we were not happy with carpet layer response. He said no way would they glue. Also did not know what was wrong. Also suggested that maybe there was a problem with the carpet. He took photos to send to carpet manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer sent an independent person to assess. His view? Nothing wrong with the carpet. Carpet layer had messed up. The key thing was that instead of the two parts butting up to one another, there was a 3 to 4mm gap. To make it worse, some of the pile had got caught up with the glue effectively meaning a 5mm gap. That was the centre of the join. At each end, the carpet was overlapping. On one side, the bedroom carpet overlapped the hall carpet, then within a couple of cm, the hall carpet overlapped the bedroom carpet! Additionally, two joins downstairs were also short, but not quite to the same extent. He sent his report into the manufacturer. That was yesterday.
  • Today I received a call from the retailer. I was ready to “negotiate”. As in let’s compromise and do it my way. But, straight away he said “we are going to replace the carpet in the bedroom”. So I said good. And I did not want the same carpet layer. We have a different one coming. 😁

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