Looks like Victoria is about to introduce new measures to tackle the Corona Virus spread.

“Victoria will proceed over the next 48 hours to implement a shutdown of all non-essential activity across the state to combat the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).”

Tomorrow (downstairs) and Tuesday (upstairs) are the days scheduled to install our new carpet. We have a plumber and electrician booked too. At the very least, we will need our gas heater reconnected (removed temporarily to allow the carpet to be installed). Evenings are getting a little cold.

All of our old carpet has been pulled up so that we could fix the flooring (old nails punched in and fixing screws added to stop the creaky floors). The old carpet and underlay currently rolled up and in piles in our lounge room).

Not sure how these activities will go… Crossing fingers, toes, and anything else…

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