On our way up to Loxton on the 2020 Australia Day weekend, we decided to travel via Stawell, then turn north up to Warracknabeal, Hopetoun, Walpeup, then west to the South Australian border. This is the first time that we have travelled up that way, and the scenery is quite different to what we normally see.

Warracknabeal is a rural hub in Victoria’s wheatbelt and has a population of just under 2,500. It is on the Silo Art Trail, but interestingly, it’s silos have no art!

A quiet peaceful little centre, it has some interesting architecture, including an Art Deco Town Hall (pictured with drover’s dog and wheat sacks sculpture out front). It also has a collectibles store with some rather obscure items.

A nice place to visit, but not sure I could spend too much time there.

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