Becoming a regular feature in these odd times. I usually go for two or three laps around the lake next door. In the morning, around lunchtime, and late afternoon. Three laps is about 2.3 km. So averaging 5 to 6 km each day.

This morning was very pleasant. Long shadows in the early morning sunshine. Temperature 19 degrees C at 8am. Strong breeze (it’s going to be a windy day). Only two other people, these walking their dogs.

There is a lot of birdlife too. Spotted today: Grey Currawongs, Forest Ravens (aka “crows”), a flock of lorikeets (possibly Rainbow Lorikeets, but flying between the crowns of tress too fast to tell), Black Ducks, Eurasian Coots, Swamp Hens, Australian Magpies, Magpie Larks, and Pardalotes.

We usually see Bronzewing Pigeons, Red Wattlebirds, Crimson Rosellas, sometimes Ibis, and others, but not this morning.

Also heard Blackbirds. They tend to keep close to the houses rather than in the bush.

Will be back out around lunchtime for more sights, sounds and smells.

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