Last night, I joined a Zoom session organised by the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS), Thailand. These sessions have been running weekly for quite a few weeks now (I think this was number 7).

Last night’s was “Luminescence of Gems“, presented by Dr. Emmanuel Fritsch. A very interesting presentation.

At one point, I recognised a photo that was being used to demonstrate a particular feature, even though it was shown sideways. Pretty sure it is one of mine! I will double-check when I get access to the video. Unfortunately, the attribution given was simply Mindat, which is insufficient. Mindat don’t own the copyright. The photographer does. If it is in fact mine, I would have preferred to see my name against it. I am sure others would feel the same way.

But it was still cool to see it used in the context.

There will be a video made available of the presentation in the next few days, and it will appear on the AIGS Facebook page.

It is worthwhile watching the video.

The photo: Petroleum in quartz, Pakistan.

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