Today, we went for a bit of a hike in accordance with the easing of restrictions in Victoria.

One of the places we visited was the Union Mine area at the base of Mt Greenock, Dunach, a little south of Talbot.

Mt Greenock was named by Major Thomas Mitchell, a Scot, born in 1792, who was a surveyor and explorer in Australia. The Major Mitchell Cockatoo is named after him.

He passed and named Mt Greenock (seen in header photo from the Union Mine dumps), and nearby Mt Glasgow (shown below), during his third expedition in 1836.

More information about Mitchell can be found on Wikipedia.

Mt Greenock (385 metres) and Mt Glasgow (409 metres) are both scoria cones. Gold was mined here from deep leads (ancient alluvial gold deposits buried by volcanic lava) from 1865 to 1886.

Mt Glasgow from base of Mt Greenock

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