So I got an email today saying the payment of my tax return fee is now overdue. And no, this was not a scam email.

Etax Accountants have paid me my tax refund, and taken their fee, so naturally, this was a whaaa? moment.

Even more so as the outstanding fee according to the email, is $0.00.

And they still wanted my credit card details.

So apparently it is an IT issue. I have a copy of the Live Chat just in case!

Breaking: Just received a message that reads:

“I understand you received an email earlier today asking for payment however the outstanding amount is actually $0.00. This email was sent to you in error and I sincerely apologise for any convenience this may have caused. I have notified senior management and the IT Team will be working to get this issue resolved. Please be assured that you do not owe Etax any extra fees and you can disregard this email.”