The Covid numbers in Victoria are still not good, half way through lockdown number two. The whole of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are in lockdown. We are hearing that the virus is still spreading, partly due to people not quarantining following their test (and before they get the result), and even one case where the Police and ADF found an infected person not home. The person that answered the door told them that he had gone to work.

No wonder we are where we are!

So, due to the spread, a number of other regional areas are now under new restrictions, some bordering Ballarat. In the map below, the red areas are metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, the orange ones are the areas with new restrictions, and Ballarat in green.

And from Monday, all Victorians are to wear a mask when out in public.

So I have created some new ones. These are abstract designs mostly created using Procreate. They are available on Redbubble.