With the demise of local auction house Kitteltys here in Ballarat (last ever auction was in November 2019), we decided to go up to Action Auctions in Bendigo today. They had some laundry and tapware items that might have suited us. As it turned out, they didn’t suit as they were for caravans!

We stayed for about half an hour after the auction started at 10am.

Of the first 60 or so lots, only a handful sold for more than $5 or $10 so not really viable for sellers.

Their processes were not great either. The skipped a number of lots at one stage and had people bidding on something other than what they thought. Much confusion.

And on one occasion, a lady held her paddle up and did not not put it down. Even though she was included in earlier bids, the final bid was given to a loud bidder sitting behind the auctioneer. She was not happy at all.

We will not bother attending again, nor will we place any items for sale.

There was one lot that looked interesting in the photos, the set of drawers below. However a surprise when you opened drawers. No bottoms!

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