Spent a pleasant half day today collecting minerals with good friend, Toby Billing. And the best part, it was less than 1 kilometre from home!

We spent a bit of time looking around the mullock heaps of the Prince Regent gold mines, Canadian, Victoria. A number of mineral species were found including pyrite, arsenopyrite, quartz, galena, a carbonate mineral (likely ankerite), and a couple of unknowns, one resembling native bismuth, and the other possibly a sulphosalt mineral. Some of the pyrite and arsenopyrite specimens are well-crystallised. Both of us were surprised by what we were able to find.

No visible gold so far though 😁 although there were some signs that detectorists had been in the area.

Mullock heap on what we think is the site of the Prince Regent Extended Mine.
Disc-like nodule with pyrite cubes in mudstone.