Recognising that not all people are fans of rocks on their faces, I have created a range of non-mineral face masks. A bit of an eclectic mix 😁

You can find them here… (and mineral ones here).

You can choose from:

  • Baby Birds (very cute, and probably the only naked bodies you want to see on your face!)
  • Ballarat Railway Station – early morning scene
  • Bruny Island (Tasmania) rock stacks, complete with rainbow
  • Blue Buick for Rev-Heads
  • Cake in the Mouth – for your Cake-Hole
  • Call me a Mechanic with vintage truck
  • Fireworks for that fresh explosive taste
  • Fly Spray to kill off any airborne pests
  • A pair of Old Wagons, Otago, South Island, New Zealand
  • Poles and Wires for those that like geometric and/or abstract designs
  • A vintage dancer radiator cap to keep your fluids in
  • Geothermal activity, White Island, New Zealand – like breathing out water vapour…